About Nelson Mandela Tribute Coins

Each of the four offers is set in 100% genuine African Buffalo leather and each coin is protected by a tough plastic casing so it cannot be scuffed or become dislodged.

The collection features

  • A bookmark and keyring featuring the silver five rand millennial coin – a one-off coin, minted in honour of the man, Nelson Mandela and
  • A bookmark and keyring featuring the five rand bi-metallic birthday coin – also a one-off, minted to commemorate Mandela’s 90th birthday.

The birthday coins are ‘mint condition’ while the millennial coins have been collected from circulated coins – and in this instance, only the best were selected.

The African Buffalo

buffaloOne of the ‘Big Five’ icons of wild Africa and weighing in at up to 2000 pounds, adult bulls possess a no nonsense, ‘take on anything’ temperament as many a hunter and lion have experienced. So it seemed fitting that this iconic symbol of survival and determination be matched with a tribute to the likes of Nelson Mandela.


Key rings and bookmarks = R480 each.

The Mandela bi-metallic Birthday R5 coin

Although many coins have been minted for special occasions in many different countries, there has rarely been a more illustrious occasion to celebrate than the 90th birthday of the world’s most famous and respected citizen – Nelson Mandela.

The minting of this special tribute coin to Mandela was limited.  This coupled with the fact that the majority never made it into circulation – they were snatched up by hordes of South Africans wishing to keep them as mementos – has increased the value of available specimens all the more.

The beauty of the Birthday coin is enhanced by having been produced in two different metals (bi-metallic), and a wealth of very fine detail – unusual in coins minted for circulation. This detail is particularly evident in the coat of arms on the reverse. An unusual security feature is the groove set in the milled (or rounded) edge, into which are set the initials of the South African Reserve Bank and the coin’s denomination. This precludes the likelihood of any successful attempt to forge the coins.

The Mandela ‘Millennial’ R5 coin

The value of any coin depends primarily on its rarity – the fewer the number of coins produced the greater potential value. As a collectable, it must also have been valid currency on the day of its minting in the country where it was produced.

In the case of the Mandela ‘Millennial’ R5 coin, there is another factor. Nelson Mandela is an icon, one of the most loved and respected human beings the world has ever seen, and South Africa is the only country to have currency coins with his face on them.

Free with each purchase

Hard cover ‘stamp’ booklet – each contains the two one-off birthday issue postage stamps – printed in celebration of Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday.